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All our projects have been developed together with our clients, finding the digital product that really adds value to each company and startup we work with.

Staff Augmentation/Outsourcing TI

CRM Autofin

Aureolab has accompanied Autofin's technological growth since 2019 by creating new products for the areas that make up the company. This has allowed the integration of different platforms allowing better access and communication between areas. We have built a bond of trust that allows us to help with the experience of each one of the members of the Autofin team, because we know that better is possible.

interfaz autofin


Kidsbook is a startup supported by Aureolab that seeks to digitilise communications and operational control of the world's gardens, the company already has more than 1% of the market in Chile and is expanding to other countries in the region. Aureolab partnered with the founding team and through its Product Discovery methodology and agile software development, managed to improve the MVP of the platform, supporting the expansion process of the Startup

interfaz kidsbook

Talent attraction

Solution for the digitalisation of recruitment and selection processes for applicants and internal clients of the holding company, using our Product Discovery method and agile software development. The project was conducted from the understanding of the holding's HR CORE system, from the analysis of these flows, the catalogue of functional and technical requirements oriented to the integration was defined and all the modules of the system were developed using agile technology.

interfaz salcobrand

Autofin Collections

Aureolab is helping to automate the current processes, in order to improve the management of automotive loans; for this we have a friendly platform that allows the executive to have a control of their efforts, a dashboard tracking and a list of automatic assignments.

app autofin


Complete digitalisation of the operation of the business of individual sales of products through home salespersons. Includes inventory management, movements between warehouses, management of stock requests and returns, allocation of products to salespeople, management of contacts and calls, activation of campaigns and promotions, commission and bonus system, salesperson portal, scheduling of visits, sales management and customer history.

interfaz hyla


Complete B2B product sales system. Creation of customers in the system, going through activating specific price lists according to agreements and then creating quotations and entering purchase orders. Validation of stock and authorisation of sales according to the customer's current debt, thus generating orders and then dispatches, making everything fit between the physical and digital world.

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