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At Aureolab we characterize ourselves as young entrepreneurs, we like risk and we love creating digital products. Contact us if you have an idea, we want to hear from you.

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What stage is your startup at?




The Aurelian stars aligned!

Do you have a startup idea in mind that keeps you awake at night?

At this stage we shape an idea by downloading business flows and creating interactive mockups that will allow us to validate the first commercial hypotheses.

The only way to know if your idea is good and if there is someone who wants to buy it, is to launch yourself on the market as soon as possible.

An MVP is just that, the creation of the first version of your product, prioritizing the functionalities to launch to the market and get feedback from your customers as soon as possible, in this way you can pivot your value proposition quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Have you already launched and validated your product and do you have the ambition to continue growing?

At this stage it is essential to review and rethink the technological architecture necessary to grow, otherwise that leap could result in a big drop.

The journey of a startup

Solution development

Once we are ready for the journey we set out to develop.

It is time to shape our solution, once we know the distance and time it is time to get down to work and start programming.

Development estimate

We propose the ideal route to lower the risks of the journey

When we already have our route clear, we have the conditions to better estimate our development hours and costs.

Startup Discovery

We test the ship through our Startup Discovery

We study and analyse the current situation of the startup to propose the appropriate architecture and functionalities to validate the commercial hypotheses and achieve the business objectives.

Why are we your best partner?


Because we are experts in what we do, we give you and your startup's founding team the technological confidence you need to keep growing and achieve your goals.


We are committed to dedicated IT support for your project, who will work closely with you and your team to achieve your business goals.

IT expertise

Because we have years of experience creating and scaling successful startups. We are the CTO your startup needs, we engage with you and grow together.

Our Startups

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Kidsbook is a startup supported by Aureolab that seeks to digitalise communications and operational backoffice of the world's gardens, the company already has more than 1% of the market in Chile and is expanding to other countries in the region. Aureolab partnered with the founding team and through its Product Discovery methodology and agile software development, managed to improve the MVP of the platform, supporting the expansion process of the Startup.

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Toliv Market

Toliv Market is an ON LINE sales platform that seeks to digitalise sales with immediate delivery for products of different categories; we seek to eliminate warehousing in the logistics process through the use of technology

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